Pulau Ubin Day Escapade 乌敏岛逍遥游

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Tour Fare


Minimum 4 Person Travelling

Adult/Child per person S$189

Note :
In the event of restaurant unavailability, alternatives will be offered.




Changi Point Ferry Terminal – Pulau Ubin

0830 hours Assemble at Changi Point Ferry Terminal. After meeting your local guide, proceed for a 15 minute bumboat boat ride to Pulau Ubin, the popular haunt for nature lovers and day trippers unwinding from the bustle of the city.

0845 hours On arrival at Pulau Ubin, we will first visit the Nature Gallery, where a briefing of the tour will be conducted.

0900 hours Hop on a local van and proceed to Chek Jawa Wetlands located at the eastern part ofthe island. This ecosystem is a confluence of six distinct habitats, including coastal forests, rocky beaches and a mangrove swamp. On arrival, first we visit House No 1, a visitor centre built in the 1930s and restored to its present Tudor style finest in 2003. Thereafter, we shall proceed to walk the two routes to see the whole wetland, the Coastal Loop (600m) and Mangrove loop (500m) broad walks with lookout platforms and shelters. Learn about the rich biodiversity through the educational panels and directional signs installed along the boardwalk. Look out for fiddler crabs, red jungle fowls and mudskippers, among many other wondrous creatures as you walk on the broad walks. Along the way, climb the seven-storey high (20m) Jejawi Tower to view the tree canopy and observe the biodiversity.

Next, we shall continue our drive to the northern part of the island, enroute stop for picture taking at the Balai Quarry, passing through the National Police Cadet Corp and bringing us to the western part of the island. Stop for photo taking at the Kekek Quarry
as well as Ketam Quarry, base of the challenging Ketam Mountain Bike Path which snakes across 10 km with challenging slopes and rock-littered descents.

Next stop is a hike to Puaka Hill, the tallest point on Pulau Ubin at 74 metres high overlooking the Ubin Granite Quarry with scenic views of Singapore and Malaysia. The hike up only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete but due to its rocky and steep trail, you’ll be panting by the time you reach its peak.

Finally we will round up our road trip with a visit to the Butterfly Hill, a knoll created specially to conserve and showcase butterflies, attracts about 140 species of butterflies.

1200 hours Upon return to the main village, proceed to jetty for your bumboat ride to Smith Marine Floating Restaurant.

1230 hours Enjoy a sumptuous seafood lunch at Smith Marine Floating Restaurant, a modern kelong located between Pulau Ubin and Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Dining here is quite an experience, where you can catch your own fish in a ‘sure catch’ pond, teeming with snappers and seabass and choosing how you’d like your fish to be cook. (Only 1 fish per table. You may still choose to fish at an optional cost of S$35 per fish to bring home) Enjoy your lunch here in the middle of the sea with its freshest seafood and beautiful coastline.

1430 hours  Return to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and tour ends. You may choose to visit the many shops and cafes at Changi Village to round up your trip before heading home.

樟宜渡轮码头 – 乌敏岛 – 海龙阁

0830 hours 早晨于樟宜渡轮码头与导游会面后,乘船15分钟渡船即可到达乌敏岛。这里是大自然爱好者的热门之地。

0845 hours 抵达乌敏岛后,我们将乘车观赏这自然画廊,并在此进行游览与简介。

0900 hours 前往位于岛东部的赤加瓦湿地。这个生态系统由六个不同的栖息地汇合而成,包括沿海森林,石滩和红树林沼泽。抵达后,首先参观1号楼,这是一个建于1930年代Tudor风格小屋,2003年改为游客中心沿用至今。接着,我们将继续沿着海环带(600m)和红树林环路(500m)两条路线行走,欣赏整个湿地。通过沿路安装的教育面板和指示牌也能更加了解丰富的生物多样性。在人行道上行走时,您将有机会看到沼泽蟹,红原鸡和弹涂鱼,还有许多其他奇妙的生物。您也可以爬上七层楼高(20m)的Jejawi瞭望台,从而观看树冠并观察生物多样性。




1200 hours 返回乌敏岛后,乘渡船前往海龙阁(Smith Marine Floating Restaurant)水上餐厅。

1230 hours 海龙阁(Smith Marine Floating Restaurant)水上餐厅是一家现代化的奎笼,位于乌敏岛和樟宜渡轮码头之间。在这里用餐是一种非常有趣的体验,您可以在池塘中钓到自己的鱼,池塘里都放着鲷鱼和鲈鱼。把鱼钓上来后,您可选择自己想要烹调鱼的方式。(每桌只有一条鱼。您可自费S$35/鱼,把其他钓上来的鱼带回家) 在大海中央吃午餐,享受这里新鲜的海鲜以及美丽的海岸线。

1430 hours 乘坐渡船返回樟宜角渡轮码头,结束了这次愉快的乌敏岛之旅。但愿在不久的将来能够再次为您服务。


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