7 Days Lake Baikal Blue Ice Discovery

Code: CR2-7SQS7
2020: 15/3
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Eternal Flame Museum of the Decembrists
Kazan Church Znamensky Monastery
Ust-Orda Village Local Museum
Taltsy Wooden Architecture Museum Baikal Museum
Cherskiy Rock Fish Market
St Nicolas Church


Olkhon Island
Shamanka Rock Crocodile island
White island Three Brothers Rock
Khoboy Cape



Day 1: Singapore – Bangkok – Irkutsk

SIN/BKK                 SQ972               0945/1110
BKK/IKT                 S76332              1635/2355
Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal via Bangkok. Upon arrival at Irkutsk at midnight, transfer to hotel for check-in & overnight stay.


Day 2: Irkutsk (B/L/D)

Irkutsk, is the administrative centre of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia and one of the largest cities in Siberia. After breakfast embark on a city tour of this beautiful city. The Eternal Flame – the main memorial to the fallen of World War II, the flame was ignited on 9 May 1975 on the 20th anniversary of the end of the war using a torch which itself was lit from the eternal flame in Moscow. A fascinating historical journey through the Museum of the Decembrists. The museum focuses on the Volkonsky family who were exiled to Siberia after the Decembrist revolt. The house has two floors and numerous small rooms that contain many of the Volkonsky family’s original possessions and items of the era. As part of our tour there will be a classical concert – a memorable experience. In the afternoon, visit Kazan Church, with Byzantine style decorations; it looks like a fairy tower. It is known for the Irkutsk’s largest church bell. The inner spaces are decorated with fresco paintings. A unique iconostasis is carved out the Indian granite by Chinese craftsmen. The weight of the establishment is 70 tons; the height is 13m, the church is in its original form. Next visit the Znamensky Monastery – the wonderful interior has mural vaulting, a towering iconostasis and a gold sarcophagus holding the miraculous relics of Siberian missionary St Inokent. Celebrity graves outside include the nautically themed tomb of GrigoryShelekhov, the man who claimed Alaska for Russia, and a much humbler headstone belonging to Decembrist wife Ekaterina Trubetskaya. The unromantically named 130 District is nonetheless a pleasant place to stroll, packed with restaurants, cafes and commercial museums, and culminating in Eastern Siberia’s only real 21st-century shopping mall.


Day 3: Irkutsk – Listvayanka (B/L/D)

After breakfast, we depart for Listvayanka. On the way, visit Taltsy Wooden Architecture Museum was founded in 1966, opened for visitors in July 1980 and has since become a popular stop on the road to Lake Baikal. Taltsy is a unique, open-air museum which lets visitors walk around the 40 historical-architectural monuments and over 8,000 other exhibits. After lunch, visit Baikal Museum of Irkutsk Scientific Center of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences received the status of an independent research institution in 1993 year. Cherskiy Rock is an observation platform on the mountain in Listvyanka village and we will go to the top by chair lift. There is a pergola with an observation platform, from which one may enjoy a magnificent view to Angara river source with Shaman rock, Port Baikal and Listvyanka, One of its kind, the Fish Market at Listvyanka village is known for its numerous fish stalls. Opened throughout the year, this market invites its visitors to try the local fish like omul, herring or golomyanka. Next visit the St Nicolas Church is virtually the only ancient architectural monument of the village. This wooden church with bell towers consists of two tiers. In Russia, such a construction is called “octagon placed on quadrangle.


Day 4: Listvayanka – Olkhon Island (B/L/D)

Starting from Listvyanka, we take a hovercraft and travel on the surface of endless frozen lake in Siberia. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wintry Lake Baikal was other-worldly. Its snow cape, studded with shimmering blue ice formations, overflowed with the sublime. Ineffably, as we gazed into the frozen black lake, its nothingness that pulled us into transcendent moments.
We embrace the peaceful solitude amidst the mesmerizing scenery and soaked up the mystical atmosphere that it emanated. As we arrive at Olkhon Island, check into hotel for rest.


Day 5: Olkhon Island (B/Picnic L/D)

Olkhon is the 3rd largest lake island in the world. It is by far the largest island in Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia, with an area of 730 sq km. After breakfast, travel by Russian Military Jeeps to explore the northern park of Olkhon Island. One of the most mysterious and popular sights is Shamanka Rock (also known as Cape Burkhan and Cape Shaman) The cape consists of crystalline limestone with quartz veins, and the adjacent shore — granite rock. The rock is covered with bright red lichen. Near the coast the rock is 30m high, its furthest part is 42m high. During the trip you will first see the Crocodile island (it is called so because of its shape). The second interesting place is the White island, which has the shape of a swimming lion. It looks like the crocodile is following the lion. However, the lion-shaped island is called the White island because of a lot of gulls nesting there. When hundreds of gulls land on it the island becomes white. Three Brothers Rock, or Sagaan-Khushun Cape, is one of Baikal’s natural monuments and another popular tourist sightseeing spot. It is easily recognised as three big rocks standing in a row overlooking Lake Baikal. Khoboy Cape is the most northern point of Olkhon island. The name comes from an old Buryat word meaning “fang” because of its shape, a vertically oriented marble rock, appearing much like a fang. Picnic Lunch (with fish soup). In the evening, return to the village for dinner & overnight stay.


Day 6: Olkhon Island – Irkutsk (B/L/D)

In the morning, on the drive back to Irkutsk, you will visit the Ust-Orda Village which is 70km away from Irkutsk. It is an administrative and cultural centre. At the entrance of the village, there is a monumental sculpture of a Buryat horseman. During the visit of the village, you will see a Buryat village and know the lifestyle of the locals. You will also visit the Local Museum where you will find out more about the origin and history of the Buryat people including Shaman ceremony where to a certain extent, it is mixed with Buddhism. The exhibits in the museum have no counterparts – objects of shaman cult, ancient coins, bride’s decorations and many others. Upon arrival in Irkutsk, there will be free time in the city centre. In the evening, enjoy a Gala Dinner with Russian Traditional Folklore Performance


Day 7: Irkutsk – Bangkok – Singapore

IKT/BKK                 S76331                     1010/1530
BKK/SIN                 SQ979                     1810/2135
After breakfast, transfer to the airport for return flight to Singapore bringing back with you fond memories of a wonderful trip to Lake Baikal.

Tours Info

Singapore Airlines (SQ) Siberian Airlines (S7)
Flying hours (Approx)
Singapore/Bangkok – 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Bangkok/Irkutsk – 6 Hours 20 Minutes
Irkutsk/ Bangkok – 6 Hours25 Minutes
Bangkok/Singapore – 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Time Difference Bangkok is 1 hours behind Singapore.
Irkutsk is in the same time zone as Singapore.
Passport An international passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of departure is required.
VISAS For all nationalities, VISA is required for entry into Russia. However, for other nationalities, kindly check with our office or the embassies directly.
Travel Insurance Travel insurance is highly recommended by us. It covers unforeseen circumstances such as delays, baggage loss, personal accidents, injuries or illnesses. Please approach our staff for your complete insurance needs.
Itinerary subject to changes Itinerary & order of sightseeing tours may be reshuffled due to unforeseen circumstances


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