12 Days North Korea Mt Paekdu (D)

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2019: 4/8
  • 04 鲤明水瀑布
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  • International Friendship Exibition
  • Chongsan Farm
  • Grand Monument (1)
  • Secret Camp (1)
Ryomyong Street Mansudae Fountain Park
Chollima Statue The Arch of Triumph
The Grand People Study House Tower of Juche Idea
Native Home in Mangyongdae Children’s Palace
Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum Monuments to the Victory
Pyongyang Metro Gwangbok Supermarket
Mirae Scientists Street
Kaesong (Old Ancient Capital of Goryeo Era)
Koryo History Museum


SariwonMigok cooperative farm Sariwon Folklore Street


Songdowon International Children Union Camp


Mt Kumgang
Lagoon Samil


Mt. Myohyang
International Friendship Exhibition Hall Pohyon Temple


Mt Paekdu
Chon Lake Rimyongsu Waterfall
Lake Samji



Day 1: Singapore-Beijing

SIN/PEK                CA970              2325/0530+1
Assemble in the evening at Changi International Airport for your flight to Pyongyang via Beijing.


Day 2: Beijing – Pyongyang (D)

PEK/FNJ                CA121             1325/1620
Arrive Beijing in the early morning and connect flight to Pyongyang. On arrival in Pyongyang, proceed to Ryomyong Street which was built in 2018 for the professors and scientists of the Kim Il Sung University. It is a modern and fancy street built in new pro-environmental architecture. Every flat has solar panels on windows and air circulation system using geothermal energy. About 4000 families live in this neighborhood. After dinner at Ryomyong Street, check in hotel.


Day 3: Pyongyang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, embark on a city tour of Pyongyang and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the attractions which you will visit include Mansudae Fountain Park, Chollima Statue, The Arch of Triumph, The Grand People Study House and Tower of Juche Idea. Visit Native Home in Mangyongdae, the birth place of Kim II Sung, eternal President of DPR Korea. Four generations lived in this humble straw-thatched cottage which was often found in Korea before liberation.


Day 4: Pyongyang – Kaesong – Panmunjom – Sariwon – Pyongyang (B/L/D)

Today we will take a leisurely drive to Kaesong City, which is 198km south of Pyongyang and only 8km to the military demilitarized zone – Panmunjom. Some of the interesting sights in Panmunjom include the Signing Hall of Armistice Agreement and the Conference Hall of the Military Armistice Commission. After lunch, walk through the residential area in Kaesong Street, Janam Hill (overlooking the traditional residential area of Kaesong City). Kaesong is the old ancient capital of Goryeo era. Proceed to Koryo History Museum. Next visit the SariwonMigok cooperative farm to experience their living lifestyle. After that, proceed to Sariwon Folklore Street, North Korea’s most traditional street, where you can experience the culture, heritage and customs of the Korea nation for 5000 years. Proceed to the Three Charters for National Reunification monument. After dinner, return to hotel.


Day 5: Pyongyang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, visit the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun which was built in 1976 serving as Kim Il-Sung’s official residence. In the afternoon, visit the Children’s Palace – the most comprehensive centre for extra-curricular activities for school children in Pyongyang. Sit back and enjoy a world-class children cultural performance or visit school children’s performances.


Day 6: Pyongyang – Mt Paekdu (B/L/D)

After breakfast, on board the chartered flight to Mt Paekdu, the highest mountain in Korea Peninsula 2750m high. Upon arrival, Mt Paekdu and Chon Lake which is one of the highest crater lakes in the world. Then, visit to Paektu Hall which not only functions as a general relief map of revolutionary site and battle sites of Mt Paekdu but also depicts the shape of the magnificent of Mt Paekdu. After lunch, visit Paekdu Secret Camp where the DPR Korea great leader Kim Jong II was born on 16 Feb 1942. Continue to Chongbong Bivouac and Rimyongsu Waterfall. Rimyongsu Waterfall is a unique fall as underground water gushes out from crevices in the base salt rock, forming a waterfall.


Day 7: Mt Paekdu – Pyongyang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, visit Lake Samji which situated at the foot of Mt Paekdu. Lake Samji is the only lake in Korea that was turned from a river to a lake, due to the volcanic eruption of Mt Paekdu. Proceed to visit Grand Monument on Lake Samji, it stands on the shore with the mountain as a background blending with surrounding and lodging in unique style. Then, transfer to airport for chartered flight, to return to Pyongyang. Upon arrival, visit Pyongyang Metro; it is one of the main means of transport in the city. It is a great edifice reminiscent of a palace for its architectural style, content, interior structure and ornament difference in each station. Visit the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and the Monuments to the Victory. Enjoy dinner on a floating restaurant while watching the sunset over the Taedong River.


Day 8: Pyongyang – Wonsan – Mt Kumgang (B/L/D)

After breakfast, embark on a long journey to Wonsan City by bus. Enjoy the scenery of the Ullim Waterfalls before arriving at Wonsan. Lunch will be served at Wonsan. Next, visit Songdowon International Children Union Camp then continue to Mt. Kumgang. Dinner will be served at hotel.


Day 9: Mt Kumgang – Pyongyang (B/L/D)

This morning, proceed to the remarkablem mountain, nicknamed 12,000 peaks, Mt. Kumgang. Mt. Kumgang’s scenic zone changes with the four seasons. In spring, the mountain is surrounded by hundreds of blooming flowers, each spreading its unique scent. With this accompaniment, the mountain shines and shimmers with life. Therefore, it acquires the name Mt. Kumgang (Diamond Mountain). In summer, clouds float past the steep hill; greenery spreads through the land and bird chirps up high, as though one is living in Fairyland. Thus, it is named as Mt. Pongnae in this season. In autumn, maple leaves dress the mountain into a rosy Mt. Pungak. In winter, branches bare the sharpness and the snow glows on the peak, forming a beautiful painting known as Mt. Kaefol. As we make our way up on foot, enjoy this stunningly beautiful mountain with its forests, river & spectacular waterfalls. After lunch, visit Lagoon Samil. The, drive back to Pyongyang.


Day 10: Pyonyang – Mt Myohyang – Pyongyang (B/L/D)

Mt. Myohyang is the celebrated mountain famous for its curious, unique appearance and breath-taking scenery. Mountain ridges winding in mild curves, peaks emerged from the clouds like giant figures, cliffs and rocks – all these make up the magnificent scenery. Next, proceed to visit the International Friendship Exhibition Hall. On displays are tens of thousands of valuable gifts presented to Great Leader Kim Jong II. Thereafter, proceed to visit Pohyon Temple, a Korean Buddhist temple built in 1042; the temple flourished as one of the greatest centers of Buddhism in the north of Korea, and became a renowned place of pilgrimage. After lunch, return to Pyongyang.


Day 11: Pyongyang – Beijing (B/L)

FNJ/PEK               CA122                   1720/1815
After breakfast, proceed to Gwangbok Supermarket do last minute shopping at Pyongyang. After that walking to Mirae Scientists Street (Future Scientists Street) is a newly develop area in Pyongyang to house scientific institutions and their employee. The six-lane street located between Pyongyang Railway Station and the Taedongriver, is lined by the rise apartments. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your return flight to Singapore via Beijing.


Day 12: Beijing-Singapore

PEK/SIN               CA975                   0010/0630
Arrive in Singapore with fond memories of a wonderful tour to North Korea.
Note: Itinerary & order of sightseeing tours may be reshuffled.

Tours Info

Air China (CA)
Flying hours (Approx)
Singapore-Beijing – 6 hours 15 minutes
Beijing-Pyongyang – 2 hours
Pyongyang-Beijing – 2 hours
Beijing-Singapore – 6 hours 15 minutes
Time Difference North Korea time is 1 hour ahead of Singapore.
There is no time difference between Beijing & Singapore.
Passport An international passport with a minimum validity of six (06) months from the date of departure from each country is required.
Visa Requirements All nationalities require visa for entry into North Korea.
Singaporeans do not require visa for transit less than 24 hours at China Beijing airport to enter Beijing. However, other nationality please checks with our staff.
Travel Insurance Travel insurance is highlyrecommended by us. It covers unforeseen circumstances such as delays, luggage loss, personal accidents, injuries or illnesses. Please approach our staff for your complete Insurance needs.
Itinerary subject to changes Itinerary & order of sightseeing tours may be reshuffled due to unforeseen circumstances


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