11 Days Kazakhstan & Kyrgzstan

Code: D5-11SQKC
2020: 24/9, 15/10
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Park of Heroes 28-Panfilovtsev Central Mosque
Republic Square Independence Monument
Golden Eaglefarm State National Natural Park Charyn
BorovoeNational Nature Park Lake Borovoe
Museum of First President Temple of Peace and Accord
Open Air Museum Burana Tower
Pobeda Square Central Ala – Too Square
Oak Park
Issyk-Kul Issyk Lake



Day 1: Singapore – Bangkok – Almaty (D)

SIN/BKK             SQ970           0710/0835

BKK/ALA             KC932         1030/1630

Assemble at Changi International Airport for your flight to Bangkok. Fly on board Singapore Airlines where you will enjoy excellent cuisine, latest movies and not forgetting the well-known in-flight services. Connect flight from Bangkok to Almaty on Air Astana. Upon arrival, transfer to hotel for overnight.


Day 2: Almaty – Astana (B/L/D)

ALA/TSE                 KC953                1525/1710

After breakfast, embark on a city tour of Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and is still its largest city.Visit the Park of Heroes 28-Panfilovtsev, located in the heart of the city. This park is the memorial of glory and eternal memory lane with fire established in memory of those who defended with great courage and honor of the WWII years. Continue the journey to the orthodox Zenkov Cathedral where it is deservingly considered the most interesting architectural monument in Almaty. Go on a tour in the Central Mosque. Transfer to Medeo the highest mountainous sport complex in the world. Stop at Medeo dam which protects the city from destructive mudflows formed on top of the western Tien Shan. On top of the dam, enjoy an amazing panorama view of the largest mountain skating ring in the world. After lunch, visit Central Mosque and the Golden room in the central historical Museum. Magnificent exhibits of a big collection of Kazak National tools and the history of jeweler art of Kazakhstan can be found. Transfer to the airport for your flight to Astana.


Day 3: Astana – Borovoe (B/L/D)

After a hearty breakfast,as we depart for Borovoe, experience an unusual rejuvenating microclimate and be amazed by a masterpiece of imagination of the nature stone sculpture, a natural Granite throne of the great Khan. It is said that if one were to bypass clockwise round the stone sculpture, their wishes will come true. After that, head to the legendaryBorovoe National Nature Park where every rock here has its own legend. Discover the shining expanse of Blue Bay, Lake Borovoe, which bears a mysterious rock named Zhumbaktas (Sphinx) Rock. Looking at the rock from different sides, one can see a profile of a young girl turning into the image of an old woman. Not far away from Zhumbaktas Rock, look out for a remarkable cliff – Okzhetpes, famous for its numerous legends and myths. Legend has it that the army of Ablai Khan took an Oirat princess captive and forced her to marry a Kazakh warrior. She fell deeply in love with one warrior but the others were jealous. So she said she would marry the man who could shoot to the top of a rock outcrop near the lake.


Day 4: Borovoe – Astana (B/L/D)

This morning, return to Astana and get acquainted with the young capital of Kazakhstan. Striking in both its power and the scale of its construction & be amazed by the futuristic design of the architectures in Astana. After lunch, discover the Museum of First President. Then, visit the symbolic and trademark icon of Astana, the “Astana-Baiterek” monument. From here, one can see much of the stunning bird’s eye view of the city where it won the hearts of all. Visit the Temple of Peace and Accord – a pyramidal building built by a prominent British architect, Norman Foster. Our final stop is the ethnopark “Map of Kazakhstan – Atameken”, representing a unique outdoor museum. Here, get the full view of the country and familiarize yourself with the architecture, landscape and history of Kazakhstan.


Day 5: Astana – Bishkek – Issyk Kul (B/L/D)

TSE/FRU             KC151           0800/0945

Early in the morning, transfer to airport for flight to Bishkek. On arrival at Issyk-Kul, transfer to CholponAta, check in at hotel followed by lunch.  After lunch, an excursion to the historical museum and the museum of petroglyphs, where there is an Open Air Museum, sometimes referred as a Stone Garden, which covers some 42 hectares and contains a number of prehistoric monumental structures (stone circles, tombs, the remains of a boundary stone wall, balbals) and Petroglyphs (dating from the II millennium BC up to the Middle Ages up to the VI century AD).


Day 6: Issyk-Kul – Kegety – Bishkek (B/L/D)

After breakfast, take a leisurely drive back to Bishkek. On the way visit the historical complex Burana Tower.The Burana Tower stands tall, ancient and impressive, still surviving as one of Kyrgyzstan’s most outstanding historical sites. It was originally built to a height of 44m, but after falling victim to both war and the elements, today it is only 25m tall. Continue journey to the village of Don Aryk, where we will be able to see the national equestrian games. Transfer to Kegety gorge. Lunch will be at the guest house of local residents. After lunch, we will walk along the gorge to enjoy the open pastures, be awed by the beautiful mountain & river sceneries and witness the life of local people.


Day 7: Bishkek – Almaty (B/L/D)

FRU/ALA             KC110           1955/2045

In the morning, visit the Pobeda Square (Victory Square). Next visit the Central Ala – Too Square. It is the central square in Bishkek. Continue to the National Arts Museum which harbors numerous interesting exhibitions, ranging from excavation finds to fascinating ethnographical collections, partly housed in dusty cabinets and the National Philharmonic, located in the heart of the capital, named in honor of the composer, virtuoso musician AkynToktogulSatylganov. Significance of the honored poet and musician in the culture of Kyrgyzstan is immense. The keeper of traditional art, master of performing national epos, he was also the founder of the modern Kyrgyz literature. No tour is complete without visiting the Asian Bazaar. You will be able to take a lot of dynamic photos of the bustling local life.  Also visit Oak Park, the square of the Philharmonic. After lunch, time for shopping. In the evening, transfer to the airport for your flight to Almaty. Upon arrival, check in hotel.


Day 8: Almaty (B/L/D)

After breakfast, visit Republic Square – the largest open public space in the city, flanked by impressive modern edifices on every side. A tall obelisk rising up from street level is the Independence Monument. Lastly, conclude the day in the Sunkar Falcon Farm, a so called conservatory for the wild birds’ native to the region.  The farm breeds the Golden Eagle, and is sold to enthusiast around the world.  Other birds in the farm are hugh owls, vultures, white bald-headed eagle and the Afghan Dog.  Enjoy the Golden Eagles show whereby they are trained to hunt at the farm.


Day 9: Almaty – State National Natural Park Charyn Canyon – Almaty(B/L/D)

Early morning after breakfast, drive to the State National Natural Park Charyn which is 200km from Almaty. EnrouteKokpek Village, simple lunch will be served. Charyn Canyon is considered to be the largest canyon in the world after the famous Colorado one in America. It is also an amazing creation of nature that exists for millions of years, picturesque and very diverse in geomorphologic aspects. The height of steep mountainsides reaches 150-300m. Numerous ravines and gullies make dense rambling net. Wind and water created stunning “Castles Valley”. The length of it is more than 2km, the width 20-80m. All along the valley you are surrounded by towers of fantastical forms, built of sedimentary. Their age is about 12 million years. All this time the nature was creating these architectural wonders, without haste was building the majestic castles.


Day 10: Almaty (B/L/D)

Visit the most beautiful gorges of the Trans-lliAlatau, Lssyk Gorge, which lies along the Kuldja tract where hundreds of years ago the trade caravans travelled. On the way get to learn more about the nature and history of this region and see the burial mounds of Saka Period, where the famous “Golden Man” was found, which has become the state symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Continue your journey to an altitude of 1756 meters above sea level, to the beautiful mountain Issyk Lake, located in the valley with the same name. The lake was formed about 10,000 years ago due to colossal landslide, resulted in the formation of the natural dam of 300 meters in height.After dinner, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Bangkok.


Day 11: Alamaty – Bangkok – Singapore

ALA/BKK             KC931           0100/0855

BKK/SIN             SQ975            1215/1540

Onboard your flight back to Singapore via Bangkok. Arrive back in Singapore in the afternoon with fond memories of Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan!

Tours Info

Airline Singapore Airlines (SQ)
Air Astana (KC)
Flying hours (Approx)
Singapore / Bangkok – 2 hour 25 minutes
Bangkok / Almaty – 7 hours
Almaty / Astana – 1 hour 45 mintues
Astana / Bishek – 1 hour 45 mintues
Bishek / Almaty – 50 minutes
Almaty / Bangkok – 6 hour 55 minutes
Bangkok / Singapore – 2 hour 25 minutes
Time Difference Kazakhstan is 2 hours behind Singapore time
PAssport An international passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of departure from each country is required.
VISAS For Singapore passport holders, visa is not required for entry into Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan. However, for other nationalities, please check with our office or the embassies directly.
Travel Insurance Travel insurance is highly recommended by us. It covers unforeseen circumstances such as delays, luggage loss, personal accidents, injuries or illnesses. Please approach our staff for your complete insurance needs.
Itinerary & order of sightseeing tours may be reshuffled due to unforeseen circumstances


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