Why you should join a Russia Tour

saint basil cathedral
Saint Basil Cathedral In Russia

As the largest country in the world, making up over 1/7 of the entire land mass of earth, Russia offers a huge variety of potential travel experiences – from hiking up the icy slopes of its glaciers to the long wanders along the shoreline of the oldest lake on earth. It is hardly surprising that Russia is rich culturally, historically, and aesthetically. Aside from its delightful natural wonders, there are a lot of historical sites and cultural activities that anyone could be a part of. It is exceptionally visually diverse and spectacular to explore the grounds of Kremlin in Moscow as well as the vast steppes of Mongolia – a truly unforgettable exploration of Russia! 

Lake Baikal in Russia
Lake Baikal – Nature in Russia

What you will get to experience in our Russia tour package is something you would not feel anywhere else. It is a place that takes pride in its modern, yet remarkably clean streets filled with people doing their everyday hobby. Save for its stunning scenery and metropolis, there will probably be no other spot in the world to encounter a transition between the old and the new – pre-communism and twenty-first century age.

Walking by their streets you realize that Russia is one of the few remaining places with no expensive tourist traps. The moment you alight the plane into this flawlessly dressed and lively crowd of Russians, it becomes apparently clear that a sense of thrilling and beyond any doubt unique escapade has set into motion.

There a numerous great reasons for visiting Russia – from its rich history, culture and architecture. It is, in all respects, this multiplicity and facet of the unanticipated that entices dauntless visitors. This place and its people can be breathtaking and at the same time confusing because of the language barrier. Nonetheless, it promises a truly unforgettable lifetime experience. Stretching to about eight time zones and boasting a shifting climate – from the subtropical warmth of the south to the chilling Arctic terrain of the north – Russia, is indeed a country that guarantees every person a source of fascination and astonishment.

When is the best time to join our Russia Tour?

Russian Dolls Souvenirs

Generally, the peak season for traveling to Russia is from May up to October. This is probably the best time to go to Russia and commend its masterpieces for instance, the cascades of Peterhof, parks of Pushkin, and picturesque landscape of the Golden Ring. During summer, however, the main tourist routes may be crowded and could sometimes be impossible to access. Hence, the most convenient time to visit Russia is during inter-seasons like late spring and early fall.

For a more exciting adventure for the courageous ones, you can join our Russia Tour Packages in winter can be just as rewarding, if not more. Nevertheless, Russia is as beautiful as it already is all year round and whether it is summer or winter, you will always have a lot of things to do.

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