Our company of adventurers started in 1975, chartering buses and coaches to Malaysia, but stopped due to a highly competitive market for such services. Instead, we turned our attention to Australia in the 1980s when everyone else was looking at Hong Kong and Taiwan. Safe, ever-popular choices for travel agencies to provide, but that is not what we are about. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality trips to many exciting destinations, as well as being the first travel agency to bring Singaporeans to now-popular destinations such as Australia and Nepal in the 1980s.

Also, if you have ever wanted to visit Santa Claus in real life, we were the first to bring Singaporeans to the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland with FinAir in 1985, and also paved the path for Mongolian trips in 1994 by taking a leap of faith and being the first to charter a flight to Mongolia, the beautiful, landlocked country bordered by exquisite Russia and scenic China.

Not only are we pioneers of bringing Singaporeans to many different countries, we also seize opportunities to bring our clients to places that are hot-button topics and can definitely add a lot of flair to their holiday plans.

Interesting History and Milestones of Universal Travel Corporation

In 1989 Eastern Europe opened up to the world after the Berlin Wall fell. It was mysterious, elusive – and would make a great conversation starter. Imagine being able to be one of the first few in your social circle to see the effects of Russian control in Eastern Europe after they had shut themselves away for so long following the creation of the new currency in Western Europe by the Allied Forces, Britain, France and America. You would certainly be the toast of the night. Hence, we took the chance and brought people into Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

Similarly, we followed our motto of “Carpe Diem” – “Seize the Day” – in 1991 following the opening of Indochina to the rest of the world. Though we were headed in other directions, we could not resist the adventure and potential, leading Singaporeans into countries such as Vietnam, Laos and China, who had previously prohibited foreigners from entering, and in 1992 and 1994 when we opened tours to South Africa following the start of the liberation movement, and North Korea, being the first to bring Singaporeans to South Korea’s more enigmatic sibling.

We also pride ourselves on our uncanny ability to predict the next hot travel trends and think outside of the box when it comes to adventures. That is how, in 1997, we became the first Travel Agency in Singapore to bring a tour group into Far-East Russia, to beautiful, exotic yet seemingly unreachable, almost Delphic places like Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

Not only have we ventured into the freezing cold of Russia, we have also travelled into the boiling depths of the Sahara, starting with Tunisia in 1998, spearheading the Singaporean foray into the Arabic World, and heading for Jordon, Syria and Lebanon in 2001, after being inspired by the stories 1001 Arabia Nights and Disney’s Aladdin, which were Singapore’s introduction to the Arabic world before our revolutionary tours. UTC was the first Travel Agency in Singapore to bring tour groups into Jordon and Syria, taking the creative route after the disaster of 911 struck the US and tours to the US and Europe were no longer feasible at the time.

Even in more recent years, we have not let go of our “never-say-die” and “blaze-the-trail” attitude, opting to be the first to bring Singaporeans to Russia’s mesmerizing, enchanting Lake Baikal in 2002. We will continue providing such innovative, original tours in places such as Central Asia, Tran-Siberia, South America, Antarctica & North Pole  and will always remain adventurers even in spirit, if not in body. So join us at UTC for awe-inspiring, jealousy-inducing, creative tours to exotic locations. We might not be Indiana Jones, but you will be infinitely safer with us than Short Round was with him, at any rate!